Sunday, 15 September 2013

5 Step Workout You Can Use Today with a TRX!

Suspension trainers have been out on the market as a big hype to the fitness industry as the next big thing in body weight training. Few, however have utilised the potential that suspension trainers can result in the ultimate functional workout for your body. The TRX suspension trainer has been my best friend ever since I bought it and it has allowed me to train almost everywhere and anytime I want. I just want to share with my fans how I tried out a 5 step workout with my TRX and just bodyweight movements to provide the most ultimate workouts you can imagine. Get ready and hustle!

Step 1: Warm up any way you know. 

Before we even start using the TRX, our bodies must be fully warmed up any way we can. If you are in the stadium, do a short 5 min jog around the track. If you are at home, just do jumping jacks to get your body pumped up for what's to come. Your body will need to get fully warmed up before you do any strenuous activity to prevent any injuries in future. I am assuming of course that you know how to warm up. 

Step 2: TRX Squats to Low Row
Expect to be surprised by how your body will feel the effects of doing 2 exercises in one. It trains your coordination and provides your body a functional base from which your next exercises will progress. Low rows will help to train your lower back and get those shields on your back. 

Step 3: TRX Squats to Y Fly
The squat to Y-pulls will engage your upper back and improve your overall posture as you execute this movement. You will further improve upper back alignment and build upper shoulder strength as well. 

Step 4: TRX Face Pulls 
TRX face pull emphasizes the need to maintain a strong postural alignment to ensure that your pulls are focused on building strength in your deltoids. 

Step 5: Time for the Killer.. 3 Sets of 20 push ups, 40 jump burpees and 60 air squats. 
As you can tell we will end of the workout with a simple bodyweight routine of push ups, burpees and air squats(i.e. bodyweight squats). Rest for a maximum of 3 minutes after each set and it will take approximately 10-15 minutes to finish but you will feel like magic!

There you go! Simple yet effective. If you do have a TRX try out the exercises above, but even if you don't, go ahead and do steps 1 and 5 for a quick fat burning workout! Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you tried it and comment for more! 

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