Tuesday, 17 September 2013

10 reasons Why LKY Could Have Been an Awesome Dragon Boat Coach

To commemorate our founding father's, Mr Lee Kuan Yew's 90th birthday, I thought I'd put up a tongue in cheek post of something no one thought about.. If he could have been a dragon boat coach.. Here's what I imagined him to be... 

1. In his heyday, he could have looked as hot as this guy..
Add caption

2. If you ever decide to NOT come for training that day for whatever reason.. Good luck to you..
You can run but you can't hide..

3. He would have taken over SDBA, SCF, SRF combined them all into one and made it into a money making machine. After that his son takes over.. and the story continues
Row , row , row my boat gently down the stream..

4. Don't start a debate with him on paddling technique, YOU WILL NEVER WIN.. 

5. Every Dragon boat event would be a public holiday (obviously if its not on a weekend)

6. Not enough paddlers? 

7. The management won't be able to sack him, he can only sack himself
I always have to worry about my coaching job, doesn't seem like he had to.

8. You will move the mountains after his motivational pre-race pep talk
Imagine he said this for your pep talk..

9. He will be able to communicate every technical detail of the sport in 3 languages; English, Malay and Chinese (next is Tagalog)

10. You may be remembered in his memoirs the "HARD TRUTHS" for the lousiest dragon boat team he ever coached.

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